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3 Weeks.

Welcome Back Vibrant Fam. I hope this post finds you well, I hope you are prospering and I hope you are striving and achieving every goal you set. I have been a little MIA. I did not forget about you, I was rather worried and mixed with emotions about the absence I had but I felt it best to let the time drift by. Alas, I am back and I would love to say better than ever but I am not quite where I was, the winter is hitting me like a middle school bully hits you in the school yard: right in the feels. Aside from that though I am getting back on track and getting some much needed soul loving. A lot seems to have happened since I have been gone. I had a birthday (woohoo!!), winter started hitting hard (3 weeks y'all and the cold is already stealing my identity), I started a second job within my favorite industry (consistently), I learned more about myself and uncovered some deep stuff (we will leave that at that until later on) and am earnestly working on bettering myself each day (HONEY THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE)! Life is not terrible, it never truly is but things definitely have been feeling more like I am floating in space. There is so much going on around me, so much to see but everything seems so far out of reach. This happens, I am absolutely no stranger to this feeling of being out of touch yet surrounded by so much action. I think the biggest skill I have learned with therapy and just life, is how to pick up where I was rather than feeling defeated and letting myself believe I was starting right back at the beginning. Sometimes we trip and fall but a lesson to learn and actively practice is how to get back up and keep on running, cause loves we do not give up here. My momma taught me better than that and my grandma (bless her) is definitely looking down at me cheering my lilgingah butt on. That is about all I have for you all today -- a brief update on where I was and where I am. As far as where I will be, I will be here. I missed this venture and sharing knowledge both new and old and I plan on updating more frequently and laying out the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly and encouraging you all on this journey with me. <3

Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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