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Welcome back Vibrant Fam! Today I wanted to talk about the idea and act of love. It's so prevalent, so wonderful and yet we are so prone to losing sight of it. #Love is magical -- whether it's platonic, romantic or simple acts of kindness it wells up inside of you and this feeling of warmth and peace seems to embrace you. I

find it incredibly necessary for us to strive to love one another daily -- in simple offerings of thoughts, simple acts of kindness and even grand gestures towards those we hold dear to our hearts. I used to be incredibly religious and one of the biggest lessons that has stuck with me to this day was the idea of love. The ideal of showing kindness and love to those around us regardless of how well we know them, to love our neighbor as our self and do unto others as we wish them to do unto us Now I want to be clear that I did not want to bring you here to preach to you, regardless of what you believe I strongly affirm the idea that we all believe in love. It's is the most basic but strongest of glues to hold us all together. I cannot tell you the amount of times that the simple act of being smiled at or having a door held for me has changed or rerouted my day. So much so that when I am having my own rough days I attempt to smile at those I encounter on morning commutes or on the streets of New York because I genuinely know how much that gesture can be enlightening to those around you. One of my biggest and most enlightening moments on this journey with #StayVibrant was working #EDCLasVegas with the Ground Control team this year at #CampEDC. There was a lending library of sorts outside of a camp site and I did not have any kandi to leave so I wrote a note leaving some positive love to whomever may find it. About a week later I see the letter posted around social media and then shared in our Ground Control group because a headliner, whose library it was, found it in a time of need and had it tattooed on himself. I was in disbelief, something as simple as a note I left touched someone in a time of need so much so they got it tattooed on them. My words, my handwriting were on someone I had never met because they found them in a time of need. I won't lie, I was in a tough spot I had just lost my grandmother, my great aunt was not doing well and I was in a pit of depression and seeing that something I wrote touched someone so much genuinely helped me. It showed me the power of love in simple gestures, the power of positivity and the importance of human connection. Times can be rough, sometimes you may be running too fast to focus on anyone around you let alone yourself but I am here to tell you that you are not. I promise, I have made it part of my daily necessity to spread love and light. Your actions, words and the way you carry yourself can help not only yourself but others around you. I encourage you to think before you react, to love before you pass judgement and to spread light wherever you go. In a world that thrives off trying to make us feel less than, be that light that shows people how beautiful and great they are. That warm fuzzy feeling of love is achievable daily and you have the power to spread it around wherever you go. This next week, just try to start making a simple act of kindness be part of your daily regimen. Smile at someone you see on your commute, genuinely ask the person serving you your coffee how their day is, hold the door for someone or simply call that friend you have been thinking about all day. You have so much potential for good do not let it sit unused, spread the love you desire and you will receive a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude for life. Thank you for being here #VibrantFam. As always Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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