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An Affirmation a Day..

Welcome back Vibrant family! Today is going to dive into the idea of daily affirmations -- while the idea is fantastic it does not do much until placed into action. Daily Affirmations are ways of affirming ideas/goals/dreams in real time -- you speak them into the world within the present tense as if you already have them or they are already existing in your current realm. Similarly to the idea of manifesting, you are essentially doing that in your daily sel-care ritual. These can range anywhere from material goals such as an abundance of money and resources to the personal goals of self-love and health. While doing this is beneficial my main love of it comes from the idea of accountability.

By saying these goals and aspirations out loud you begin to make yourself fully aware of the things you keep tucked away within your mind. You pull them out of the dark closets only you can peak in and force them into the light for you to fully begin to process and eventually hold yourself accountable of. By reminding yourself of these daily you begin to have a sense of accountability of making sure you start reaching for these goals -- you work harder, your attitude changes, your mindset widens and opens to vast expanse of possibility and you begin to make these a reality.

The importance of accountability is imperative to reaching and checking off any goals you may have -- I firmly believe the best person to hold yourself accountable can many times be you. We hate to see ourselves become stagnant and by echoing these goals and dreams out loud we begin to form this bond of accountability with ourselves -- "I refuse to settle for anything less and I only accept lessons and experiences to achieve my goals".

For myself I echo the material goals of having an abundance of funds and resources but not just for myself but to take care of my family and friends, to boost them up and help them achieve their goals. I speak aloud my goal of being successful in entertainment and my career, my optimal health and most importantly the forgiveness I have for myself and the love for myself I strive for every day. On days where I miss doing these daily affirmations or wake up late and "do not have time" I honestly feel out of place and as if something is missing, on days when I do speak these into the world I feel like my eyes are on the prize and that day has a purpose and a goal to achieve. We heard it for years about how important setting a goal was but once we leave a structured environment the desire and push to continue to set those goals gets lost -- we end up stranded in the chaos that we call daily life and forget to focus on what we actually want. I am here to remind you that goals are important, your goals are important and opening up the vulnerability with yourself and even others about what you want to achieve and how you want to get there is an incredible important aspect in actually climbing that ladder of success. I urge you for the next week to set your goals into the universe, every morning speak them out loud and set your mind to a goal and work towards it. Let me know how it felt for that week, let me know if a fire burned in you or even if nothing changed. It's worth a try because even if it does not seem to work for you, you reminded yourself of aspirations that you want to achieve and reminding yourself of them is important in and of itself. Spread Love, Spread Light, Stay Vibrant~

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