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once upon a time..

The idea for 'Stay Vibrant' came about when going through a dark time in life -- it became a mantra that I would repeat and eventually solidified my dream of making it something larger by tattooing it on my wrist to be reminded of it daily. 
My goal is to bring a positive force behind event curation and the music industry overall. Allowing an outlet for those passionate about what they do and combining it with the passion of uplifting others. In a world in which we are taught 'dog eat dog' I want to be that force echoing that we can work together to boost one another to our greatest potential. 

So welcome, family, lets get started and don't forget to Stay Vibrant~


Career and Beating Discouragement

Let's be honest with one another here, no matter what career setting someone is in there is always a time of feeling discouraged. A feeling that no matter how much work he or she has done, it is getting them nowhere. It is such a common idea that the hustle is life (it is, do not misinterpret this) but no one talks about the mind tricks that come along with it. A lot of what will be discussed here will relate to creative careers but will also be able to be crossed into other industries that require a personal drive. A lot of the people I have had the pleasure of meeting within the music and creative industries all seem to say the same thing: it took a lot of hard work and networking to get here. However, getting to that point of sighing out in relief of "I made it" is an exhausting process. It is a process that unfortunately a lot of professionals rely on to make the market smaller. The amount of long nights into long days becomes cyclical. This literally messes with one's mind, I mean lack of sleep and stress causes some crazy side effects physically. Not to mention the impending idea that no matter how much work someone can do, it feels like it is getting them nowhere. Personally, I have to remind myself of where I started and where I am. By no means am I in my final stage of "I made it" but I also am not just beginning. I started my drive into this industry as a street team promoter in good ole New Orleans, LA. I did that for a few years for a large event promoter and for a few clubs in the city, eventually it led to helping out at events (barback, bartending, door working and green rooms) and eventually led to festival positions (Ground Control with Insomniac, Box Office at BUKU Music and Art Project and Regional Ambassador for NY/NJ Leading my own little street team for BUKU Music and Art Project). Today I am still working with BUKU as an Ambassador and currently working with Operations in Billfold at Avant-Gardner in New York. I have been given an opportunity to write for a music blog and have utilized this website to branch into other outlets (like this) that I am passionate about.

It's hard, y'all. I won't lie, I was on the phone today with my mom upset, crying and discouraged. I could easily pack up and move home or keep on pushing here in New York. It is way too easy for any of us to give up -- it is far easier to see the vision we want and forget how far we have come. I mean to anyone reading this, think back where you started in your creative industry and think of where you have come. CRAZY, RIGHT?! I believe it is imperative to remind ourselves of our growth, because it is so easy to get lost in far we still have to go to feel like we have succeeded. If we forget the path we carved for ourselves and only think of the path left to carve, we discredit the immense amount of blood, sweat and tears put in. At the end of the day all of this is to say -- the most encouraging thing I have found is my resilience and looking at my past. To quote the patron saint Drake: "Started from the bottom, now we're here/Started from the bottom, now my whole team fuckin here". Never give up on that vision but don't get discouraged because you work your ass off to get there, the end result is far too worth it to give up now.

Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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