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Chasing a Dream...

Welcome Back #VibrantFam! Lets talk about dreaming, the kind of daydreams we fantasize were a reality. Lets talk about making them your reality and how to do it. Everyone says to not stay comfortable, when you're comfortable you are not growing. This became yet another goal of mine in the past two years, to push myself in a way that I was consistently uncomfortable. Whether that was pushing past anxiety and networking at events, moving 1,200 miles away to a new city, or taking positions with live events in which I did not know anyone. While your levels of comfort may definitely differ from what mine are, it is important recognize where those levels are and what will be a good push into the abyss for you. Obviously, start small you do not want to overwhelm yourself because that has potential to result negatively. Start in areas of working past anxiety, areas of new ventures and opportunity and grow to something larger. Or maybe, like myself, you thrive off adrenaline and moving across the country is the best thing for ya. Find that area and work towards a goal within it -- you may even surprise yourself with your own capabilities.

Another important part of chasing your dreams is setting goals and working towards them. Those can be ranging anywhere from meeting people important in your vision, working freelance to get your foot in the door with your dream career, saving money to purchase a big list item necessary for your dream and so on. Set these goals and little ones on the way to a larger goal and have

them somewhere where you will always see them. Remind yourself of them daily with your affirmations and morning ritual, post them in your bathroom or as a reminder on your phone and do everything possible to work towards them. I have had this dream for #StayVibrant for over a year now, filled journals with ideas for it and ways to make it bigger and larger and something of a reality ever since and here I am today with a website and striving daily to be a positive force to those around me. You can do anything you set your mind to, that is not just a mantra posted on pinterest but a reality that can come to fruition. The feeling of success is a drive to keep going, a feeling of failure is a lesson learned and a lesson to be appreciated. Everything serves as a way for you to grow and reach an even greater piece of your potential. They key to that is recognizing your power, your ability to persevere and your ability to keep going no matter how hard things may seem. It is easy and comfortable to give up and let go, the world will assist you in that mindset but you have the power to turn that around and make it your driving force for success. My goal for you after this is to write down your goals, set smaller goals within your larger ones and start writing out how to get there. Start working on how to make those goals your current reality, because I believe in you and know you have such incredible potential for success. Much love Vibrant Fam and as always, Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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