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Creative Flow.

Welcome Back #VibrantFam!

Today I wanted to talk about Creativity! If you are someone with a creative drive and mind this one is for you. I wanna talk about the greatness of when the river is flowing freely and your creative thirst is quenched and when the river is dry and you feel like you are creatively dehydrated. This outlet of creative expression is wonderful when you tap into it, especially when you are feeling down or happy and everything in between. Whether your outlet is drawing, dancing, photography, writing, and so on your outlet can be a way to whatever you may be feeling

Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY

emotionally into an art form. This allows you to healthily cope and express whatever emotion it is while also allowing you to blossom and grow within your art form. Personal growth occurs in a couple of ways here: one being a healthy outlet of expression, another being a growth within an art form you hold close to your heart and yet another within self-care by doing something you are passionate about. What about when the inevitable happens? Creative Block. All of us who express ourselves creatively have experienced the impending doom of creator's block. It seems that nothing you do will truly express what you are aiming to express, where absolutely nothing creative comes to mind. It can cause frustration within your mind and self but this gives you a perfect opportunity to practice patience and compassion towards your self. Take a minute to breathe (gosh, I say that a lot!) and then do something inspiring: go for a walk, go to the park, go to a museum,  listen to your favorite music honestly anything that forces you to move and feel. When I feel blocked I visit Brooklyn, or run through Manhattan with my camera, I visit with creative friends and go to free museum days. My favorite activity though is visiting a park and sitting in the sun and admiring the world around me. A park or outdoors is widely accessible by many wherever you are and watching the world around just live its daily life can be one of the most inspiring things My challenge for you is to go out and get inspired, tell me what inspires you and why. Get those creative juices flowing! Much love #VibrantFam! As always Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant!

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