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Keep Going. Never Give Up.

Welcome back Vibrant Fam! I want to do a check in with you all-- take a minute to self-reflect if you have not today. Take a minute for yourself to truly see where you are mentally, emotionally and presently. Today I want to talk about keeping and not giving up or thinking you are starting from the beginning every time a mistake, failure or learning curve happens. This idea that when we mess up it is the end all be all of everything we have accomplished up until that point, the feeling of defeat and absolute failure, the way we convince ourselves that everything is null and void once we mess up. Now, I may be the only one who experiences this on my life journey but something tells me that is not the case. We all make mistakes and some may seem bigger than others and if it interferes with whatever goal we may have at that moment it may seem like a path directly back to the beginning. That feeling of starting over and cancelling out every other piece of success up until that point can be debilitating. It can really mess up our minds and how we not only view our future successes but also how we view ourselves. We are human, we are not perfect and we make lots of mistakes. Something I have come to learn is that those mistakes, if used and viewed correctly can be learning areas to truly blast us off towards success. Those mistakes do not become a defining characteristic of us or our journey but rather a little area in which we have learned something about ourselves and another way in which we can grow. You are so much more than that one time you drank during your sobriety, you are so much more than that stupid text you sent, you are so much more than that failed show that you put on, you are so much more than that art piece that did not come to fruition the way you hoped. You are so much more. Once you begin to train your mind not to reroute itself back to the beginning and rather take each failure, slip up and mistake as a learning place you begin to make larger strides towards your goals and successes. It is a journey within itself but it is a journey worth taking. Loving yourself rather than beating yourself in moments of these mistakes is a larger piece of success than we realize sometimes. My goal for you in this next week coming is to start with self-compassion. If you slip up, process it and think of how you can continue from here and what you can adjust rather than giving up and starting from ground zero all over again. This week is about self-compassion and self-forgiveness and you're gonna kill it! Much love Vibrant Fam. Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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