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The idea for 'Stay Vibrant' came about when going through a dark time in life -- it became a mantra that I would repeat and eventually solidified my dream of making it something larger by tattooing it on my wrist to be reminded of it daily. 
My goal is to bring a positive force behind event curation and the music industry overall. Allowing an outlet for those passionate about what they do and combining it with the passion of uplifting others. In a world in which we are taught 'dog eat dog' I want to be that force echoing that we can work together to boost one another to our greatest potential. 

So welcome, family, lets get started and don't forget to Stay Vibrant~


Listen: Midoca Drops "Dry The Rose" via mau5trap

This week we have an incredible release from Midoca, a Los Angeles based project from Chaz Treharne. Making his debut on the mau5trap label, "Dry The Rose" comes out swinging and does not disappoint. This new single is released ahead of his new Dry The Rose EP set to be released Tuesday, November 19th. This single dives into Treharne's personal side and truly allows him to be vulnerable with the audience. The song captures the essence of a love lost but an experience and knowledge gained. While seemingly haunting, there is an innate beauty that captivates the listener's ears. The name in and of itself is a beautiful analogy of the story he is telling. Drying flowers preserves the beauty of what once was -- in similar fashion the growth of an individual is about appreciating the experiences once had even though that person is not who you are anymore.

“‘Dry The Rose’ is a reflection of the parts of myself that I no longer identify with; this is my growth & becoming.” - Midoca

Midoca's skill in production is truly indescribable. Listening to his music catalog, listener's can pick up on his precise skill of combining minimalist electronic sounds with progressive composition and vocal mixing. There is absolutely no doubt in his trajectory to the top, especially with a such a refreshing take on music. Midoca is without a doubt an artist to keep an eye on.

"’Dry The Rose’ is about the immortalization and acceptance of a passing relationship. To ‘clip off the thorns and dry the rose,’ is to release the pain of what once was but preserve what was learned and experienced. The love is no longer alive but I can hold a memento and memory of it with admiration.” - Midoca

Stream the track here! All of Midoca's socials are below and keep an eye out for his forthcoming EP Dry The Rose. Follow Midoca:


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