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Mat Zo Minimix Disappears: Nest HQ

Photo Courtesy: The Beat Mill

Mat Zo is an electronic artist known for his experimentation with sound, who has seemingly been missing in the music scene as of late given his recent announcement of his forthcoming EP.

He ended the previous year with two new EPs and a single and has not stopped since and today #NESTHQ posted a minimix and interview via their website and #Soundcloud however that was quickly taken down. Understanding he plans on releasing a new EP this year, it can only be deduced that this minimix was due for a later release and instead was accidentally released far too early for Zo or his management. The first single is set to be released on the 11th of March 2019 and seeing as that is about half a week away it is understandable that the release of this minimix may have been too soon. For those who may have caught a glimpse of the minimix on Soundcloud would have been some of the first to receive a little tease of what is to come for the new EP and for the mix itself. I was one of the lucky few who logged onto Soundcloud at the right time and got to catch the mix in its full glory earlier today but as fast as I clicked play and share, I was informed that the mix had been removed from public listening. The mix itself featured some of the sounds Mat Zo is known for, as it is an experimental house set with scratchy, white noise like sounds.

All that can be said at this point is to patiently sit by until the single Deep Inside drops on 3/11/2019 and fingers crossed that what can be assumed is a promotional mix drops once again by #NESTHQ. Mat Zo is a powerhouse within the electronic community and if this mix is any indication, he is starting 2019 with one INSANE drop.

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