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Mental Health: Listening

Hey there Vibrant Fam, this is going to a laid-back post checking in with you and jump starting what is about to be a very exciting new venture for this website. A little bit of where I have been as of late sounds like the right place to begin. For those who are new, I work in nightlife and boy oh boy does that drain your body like no other. As most in any service industry position, you know well how we all decompress. Through years of complacency and being comfortable in the cyclical habit of going to work, partying and sleeping only to repeat has caused exciting ventures to sit on the back burner. As anyone garnering success will tell you: being comfortable gets you nowhere. In the past year I have been going to therapy and for once with a therapist that vibes well with me. It took me nearly 12+ years to find that therapist and actually dive deeper into my being and work out some kinks I never had before. This past year has been so eye-opening not only about myself but about what I want with my life. If I may be frank, I had a session with my therapist recently that lit a fire under my butt. We talked about my future and what I wanted and I honestly could not give a straight answer. I have been battling depression for as long as I can remember and with that self-harm and suicidal thoughts. To top all of that off, I was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and all of that together: I never imagined myself making it this far in life. I had never planned my life out seriously and so I was always complacent. However, I began to truly think about what I wanted with my life and where I wanted to go. I want to make a difference in this industry and make the topic of mental health even less taboo, I want to talk to artists about their struggles and how they've overcome them, I want to travel the world and I want to be a good friend who is always present and not numbed and zoned out. I am excited about the changes I have been making recently and I am so absolutely blessed with the support of each of you as this journey seriously takes off and blossoms. I have two amazing interviews coming soon with an artist I have followed for years and another with a local friend back down in #NOLA. Stay tuned as we embark on something I hope truly makes a difference in this industry and hopefully for many of you personally. At the end of the day we are not alone in this fight and we have no reason to stay comfortable -- it's time to fly and I am here with you all the way. Spread Love, Spread Light and above all else Stay Vibrant. <3

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