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My Best Friend Did WHAT!?

Welcome Back Vibrant Fam! I am currently embarking on a series in which I explore those in my life who inspire me, whether they be friends or they are family or anyone in between. Lets talk about who inspires you. The next person I would like to talk about is my best friend Anastasiya. I have lots of people I consider very close to me and people I care so very deeply about. I am overwhelmed with the amount of people that inspire me and who to talk about and how they have inspired me while they embark on their life journey.

I was lucky enough to meet Anastasiya by hiring her at the place I currently manage, we hit it off pretty fast and started hanging out. I was immediately attracted to her infectious personality -- she emanates such passion and drive it is hard not to love. Anastasiya is one of those people who will get down and dirty with you but then sit and have these long, deeply thoughtful conversations with you. She has one of the biggest hearts and such a deep care for those around her -- I owe much of what I have accomplished personally in recent months to her and her accountability and care. She has pushed me in ways I never have truly been pushed by someone before -- she does not put up with my sh*t (and lets be honest honey, I can be a little wild) and pushes me to put my best foot forward. She is one of the hardest working people I think I have met, she does not take no for an answer and constantly has others in awe of all she can accomplish. Where she is currently I have been awestruck watching her grow so quickly -- her work ethic and ability to learn quickly has me with my jaw dropped. She keeps me on my toes in the best way possible, she never stops working and slaying and it pushes those around her to do the same. Her ethic alone is one of the biggest features that inspires the hell out of me, seeing someone in your life absolutely slay everything they put their mind to gives you a vision and drive to do the same.

She has been such a positive light and enforcer in my life -- anytime I am down or feeling like giving up she has the perfect words to say to encourage me to keep on. When you find someone that brings forth positive energy and elevates your frequency in such a reinforcing manner, treat them with love and respect. Honor them and their energy and boost them in their endeavors. The way she boosts those in her life and encourages them in their endeavors is inspiring and role model worthy -- she supports those she cares about wholeheartedly and protects them in a way we all hope friends would. I have a long way to go and much to work on but I firmly believe I am a better person for having met this wonderful,beautiful soul. A laugh and smile that lights up any room she walks in and warms the hearts of those lucky enough to call her their friend. What friends in your life do you boost and they boost you? Who acts a positive enforcement and reminder in your life? Reach out to them and be grateful. Love on them and let them know, while we may be aware of how much they mean to us it is always a welcomed reminder to those we love.

Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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