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New Beginnings.

Welcome Back Vibrant Fam. Lets chat, I have been self-reflecting, analyzing (probably over-analyzing but duh!) and working on ideas. I am not sure where I am going to take this in the new year but I am diving back into so much that I am passionate about that I am feeling more inspired than I have in a minute. For starters, I recently went back home to good ole Louisiana to see my family and got to shoot my little brothers senior portraits. I have not genuinely done that craft in a minute and getting back behind the camera reminded me of a passion that I have loved for as long as I could remember. I felt so free in that moment and full of creative direction, something I felt like I had lost. It was also such a needed refresher to be around family, I have not got to celebrate a proper holiday with them and getting to catch up was much needed.

I also recently took an unplanned hiatus from therapy and got lost for a bit, nothing terrible or awful but a moment to reflect and find some awareness I needed. I went twice this week (honestly, pray and send good vibes to my bank account) but it is absolutely amazing to be back. I genuinely love my therapist and the relationship that we have -- conversation moves so easily and I have covered so much ground with them. (Seriously, I understand that this is not a feasible option for everyone but if you have the opportunity do not give up until you find the right therapist for you -- it makes a difference). What else...OH! Oh yeah, I left my job. Yeah, I left my job that I have had since I moved to New York City and talk about scary. Leaving something you are so comfortable and settled in can, will and is terrifying but sometimes it is a necessary move in the right direction. Staying comfortable can sometimes be your own demise and getting uncomfortable again give you that fire and motivation to get busy again and that is exactly what is happening with me. Has it been all sunshine? H** no...sorry my mom reads this (hey mom!) but it has pushed me to get busy and ready for a new beginning. I am so excited for what is to come, I am actively pursuing positions within music and marketing and won't rest until I get one that works with me. Work for your happiness folks, you deserve to be happy in this temporary time here -- don't waste it. That is about it for my updates of what's been going on for me. I am actively thinking of doing a YouTube channel in conjunction with this blog more regularly. An outlet for creativity but also a way to continue to spread *realness/authenticity/rawness/positivity/love to everyone I possibly can. Who knows, maybe I will take you all on some adventures with me. ;) Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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