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New Dawn, New Day

Hey y'all!

Welcome to post one from Stay Vibrant -- here is where I would like to take a minute to explain the mission and where the idea came from in a bit more detail. Stay Vibrant has been my mantra for a little over a year now. It has taken over my life in ways that have reminded me that no matter what happens the most important thing is to stay radiant. While feeling and expressing emotion is incredibly important, I have found it equally important to keep a positive mindset about everything; to work through each new challenge with a mindset of why it is important and what I can learn from it. This is not necessarily twisting the negative into a positive but more so learning positive ways to combat, deal, process and overcome daily and life challenges. I found this mantra so important I have it tattooed on my dominant wrist to stay constantly reminded and held accountable of a mission I have set my life path to. My mission with this venture is to create an open space of positivity and positive reinforcement -- getting to a point to host/curate events under the branding of #StayVibrant and feature artists of any medium that hold it true to themselves to spread positive love and the ideal of boosting one another up to success. It is more than a happy - go - lucky movement, it is a movement based in community. I am nervous, I am excited and so many emotions in between about opening up my life and sharing this experience with you all. As we begin it will encompass many things that I am passionate about but all of which come into the ideal of staying vibrant, so buckle up because this journey will be raw, unedited and unfiltered but will challenge myself and you to be the best version of ourselves.

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