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New Orleans.

New Orleans has long been famed for the culture, especially the music. Everywhere you go in the city you can find a band on a corner of Royal Street, a guy playing the saxophone in Jackson Square and don't even get me started on all the venues down Frenchmen Street. The city thrives by bathing itself in sound and it is one of my absolute favorite aspects of it. I have never before been somewhere that so openly accepts art to the point that the people themselves are walking living pieces of artwork. Walking down streets, one is guaranteed to join a second line or dance with a stranger and it isn't weird or crazy that's our norm and that's why I love it. I have since moved off to New York City and have been here for about a year and half and while I love the opportunities this city holds and everything it has given to me, it will never hold such a place as New Orleans in my heart.

I owe much of what I am persuing career wise to New Orleans. I would have never been involved in music again if it wasn't for finding Winter Circle Productions, dipping my toe in with street team promoting and then diving head first into everything else. I got to experience the live music scene in a way I never had before and meet some of the people I still look to today for advice on this crazy industry. I met lifelong contacts and lifelong mentors that turned into friends, I am forever grateful for the city of New Orleans. Just a post of appreciation and gratitude on this beautiful evening. Remind yourself to be grateful and remember where you started and look at where you are: we forget our growth. We can so easily miss how much we've grown especially in an industry that is as fast-paced as music, but take a minute to take it all in. We are all on a beautiful journey together, lets keep it up and make some change for good. <3

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