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Revival of a Classic: Nikademis flips "Burn it Down" by Linkin Park

Nikademis is back and this time with a flip of an absolute classic. For those who are new to the artist, he is a New York based dubstep artist. He has done insanely successful flips of artists like Porter Robinson, Madeon, Swedish House Mafia, Fisher and now Linkin Park. We have had Nikademis featured a few times on Stay Vibrant, from his smashing release of Anarchy and his remix of Poison by We Are Fury.

Linkin Park is a staple in every punk, emo teenage kid's years. When the lead singer, Chester Bennington, died by suicide four years ago it absolutely sent a pain through millions of fans. The absolute joy I had when I saw this request hit my inbox is inexplicable. Nikademis has an extraordinary talent of taking a song and keeping it true to itself but putting such a massive artistic twist on it. This is no different, the beloved Bennington can be heard through some heavy hitting bass. The song starts in what seems its normal beginnings and then as soon as that first drop comes, there is a revival of an old friend. He has given new life to such a beloved artist and song. Nikademis continues to show his talent and is an artist that should be on your watchlist as this year gets started.


We have also added a health resources tab, if you are within the music industry and events industry please take a look at it. There are organizations helping with mental health resources, financial, addiction recovery and food assistance.

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