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Supporting Your Artist Friends.

Creatives all start somewhere and many of them end up being people we know. I guarantee that you have at least one friend who is a creative in some medium: art, writing, music or some other beautiful form. These friends of ours rely heavily on their friends to get that start needed to garner attention. In the age of social media it is easier than ever, if done correctly, to garner a following for your art. This can range from starting pages for your craft, sharing your works online, starting blogs like this one or even uploading videos through platforms like YouTube. Getting your work out there can really create a jump in traffic and get your work seen by people way broader than your immediate circle. How can we as friends help though? Supporting these creatives. This can range from small tasks like sharing posts made by creatives, visiting their site and sharing it with friends, sharing links to pieces to be bought or even buying these crafts ourselves (I know!? We can literally support our friends financially). We all have huge artists we already support by sharing their new music, buying their art or sharing pieces they've written so why don't we put this same energy into the people within our own circles? While you may not be financially capable to buy a piece from your friends, I can assure you a simple share of their pages and crafts is extremely helpful too. Not only are you helping them to market their craft, you are enlightening people in your circle that may be unaware of this person's talent. I encourage you to start sharing, commenting, tagging and loving on your creative friends posts. This community is about building one another up, your friends are not your competition. You should be boosting one another up, sharing each others work and overall appreciating the craft that has come from hard work. Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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