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Swimming in our Feels.

Welcome back #VibrantFam! Today I wanted to talk about emotion. The warm bubbly parts and the dark sad parts, it is important to fully feel and express your emotions. The imperative part is figuring out how to do it appropriately and correctly. I want to discuss different methods of coping, different exercises to center yourself and the difference between living life positively and living life in disregard to emotion.

I will be the first to admit that with current culture it is easy to jump to coping mechanisms that are not always the healthiest for you or those around you. It is quite the norm to go to the bar after a stressful day or after some bad news, a couple of drinks to wash away the pain right? Or even going out and binge drinking the night away is so casual in our culture right now! None of this is to say you cannot drink but moreso to be understanding of where you are at within your mind and capabilities. Responsibly partake if you must but be mindful of when you do. Listening to your body can tell you so much on how to cope with what you may be going through. I will be the first to admit that I hear that little voice in my head sometimes and just tuck it away elsewhere. Be mindful of that voice of reason -- lend an open ear to it and trust it when you have that feeling to not follow through on a typical coping mechanism. On the flip side -- find your passions that calm you. Find coping skills that are healthier, are not depressants in and of themselves and stuff you can do when you need a moment of peace. Some of these could be singing (when I am home alone, honey I swear I could be the next big Broadway star), photography, drawing, painting, writing, swimming, walking, hiking, and anything in between. Finding a passion and working on it and towards a goal can be an incredible way to decompress and is a beautiful outlet for emotions of all kinds. Let your creativity flow and prepare to be inspired by your surroundings. We are human, we make mistakes and that is okay. Feel whatever you feel but take responsibility of your actions when you may not make the best ones. Ownership of your feelings and actions are an incredible step towards a more vibrant and responsible life. It shows others and yourself that you have respect for yourself and for others and have an ability to recognize your emotions and handle them appropriately. If you are ever in the midst of a breakdown, a not so great spot or even an anxiety attack take a minute to breathe. The 4-7-8 method works wonders for me and is pretty inconspicuous: Breathe in 4 seconds through your nose, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale gently through your mouth for 8 seconds. Do this until you feel yourself let loose and relax a bit, clear your mind and process whatever it is that needs processing. Take time to meditate, figure out what the root of your emotion is and dive into. Focusing your mind and soul can be another way to welcome a serenity into your life. You've got this, you can live positively while also embracing all your emotions -- learn to express and feel whatever coming from an empathetic and compassionate (positive) mindset towards yourself. As always, much love Vibrant Fam. Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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