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The Angelic Scents from Blow Me Candle Co.

This week, the feature focuses on Angel aka Kitty, a young entrepreneur and dear friend of mine. I met Angel while living in New Orleans and she has consistently had a fiery, creative spirit and is a force to reckoned with. Whether she's DJing at a nightclub, helping brands with graphic design work, being a mastermind both behind and in front of the camera or most recently creating a boutique candle company -- Angel is busy being a creative genius. I got to chat with her about her various ventures, finding that creative fire and mental health as a creator.

I am so happy to have you on Stay Vibrant, Angel. Can you give a brief introduction of yourself to the readers.  Hello all you beautiful souls and thank you Colton for having me. I love love what you are doing. My name is Angel, but some may know me as Kitty. I was born and raised in New Orleans but recently moved to Los Angeles. I am a mother to a 9 year old, not so little girl. I am also the founder and creator of Blow Me Candle Co. & co owner of Nightfolk Creative.

I have known you for a few years. You have worn many hats from DJ, to graphic designer, to photographer and now boutique candle maker. How do you balance the multiple creative endeavors and stay inspired within each?  So, I can definitely get carried away with all the things I try or want to do — but you know, we’ve got one life so why not do it all? I am always interested in learning something new. I love the challenge. I love pushing myself. It’s sort of just who I am. Once I tackle one thing, my mind is already on the next. I must say though, it all can be a little taxing. Lately, I’ve been telling myself to slow down and do one thing at a time. Giving 100% into one project is better than having 4 different things you can only give 25% to.  Staying inspired can be hard sometimes but I really believe if you stay true to yourself and choose to do things that you really care or feel represents YOU, then it isn’t hard at all.

Blow Me Candle Co. is your most recent endeavor, how did you decide to take on candle making and how do you come up with the scents/names?  It’s insane how this all started to be honest. I moved to Los Angeles mid July & I went live with Blow Me Candle Co mid August. I had no thoughts of making candles until I got to California. At first, I just wanted to make them for my own personal use but that quickly turned into a business when I realized I could possibly make a living off of this. It’s probably the Capricorn in me, but I’m always ready for a business endeavor. I researched my butt off for two days and after that I was already ordering supplies to get a move on it. It’s pretty insane to start a business during a pandemic but when I set my mind to something, I just do it. I try to correlate my candle scents to memories. The brain is amazing and there is something about scents that can take you there — whether that be a memory of the cereal you used to eat as a child or that one brunch you got too drunk at.  The names — The world feels too serious at times and I wanted to do something fun. I love dad jokes and puns so I sort of tied that in. Names don’t always come to me immediately but when they do, it’s like a lightbulb that goes off in my head. I usually try to write it down before I forget. I remember seeing you get back into drawing and art, is that what kickstarted the urge to get Nightfolk Creative, your graphic design venture, going?  I’ve low key always been a little artist. I used to stay in my room for hours on end drawing or making something with my hands. In high school, I was quite tech savvy and was appointed to do the school’s website, flyers, t-shirts, banners, etc. That is when I came to find that graphic design could be a career choice. I actually pursued it in college. Crazy thing, years and years later (& after trying to do a million other things) I met my significant other (Louis/Silo), who also was a graphic designer. Maybe 2/3 years into dating we started Nightfolk Creative together. Y'all recently moved out West, how has the adjustment from New Orleans been?  It’s always been a goal to move to the West Coast, though, that is easier said than done. It took years of eating shit (is cursing allowed? Lol) [Hell Yes it is, haha] and working hard but we are finally here. I love New Orleans and the people. You will never find a place like it. There’s so much culture and life in the streets, but I’ll say, it isn’t the best place to raise a child. We also moved during a pandemic. That may sound crazy but it worked for us. What a better time to dive into something new and start over? 2020 is complete trash but I can’t say that good things have not come out of it.

You truly inspire me with the creative endeavors you partake in and lead, how do you stay motivated day to day and maintain a mindset for the creative process?  Aww thank you, really! I can’t say I kill it everyday by any means. There are days I want to do absolutely nothing and you know what? That’s okay. But then I have days where I can take on the world and on those days, I try to take advantage of my mindset and get as much done as I can. It sort of balances out my lazy days.  A big tip I have, is to not push yourself when you are not feeling creative. You just tend to burn yourself out. Give yourself time for breaks. Come back with a fresh mind and I promise you will be much happier with your work. In the midst of a pandemic you have been busy from moving, to working nonstop at the height and with your new ventures. How to take time for yourself and allow yourself a mental health day?  So this sort of ties in to my previous answer, but again, do not be afraid to take days off. For me, sometimes I just need to lay on my balcony and soak up the sun. Sometimes I need to binge watch a show and order uber eats. It’s sort of like letting yourself recharge. A lot of times I get away from a project or idea only to come back even stronger. I think it’s so great to pick up hobbies as well. Do things you enjoy. I’ve recently picked up gardening/plants & I also play the piano so that’s always a great creative break. Self care is important! Thank you for taking the time to chat, is there anything coming up from your ventures you'd like to plug and any piece of advice you'd like to share?  Actually, I have yet to announce or launch it but I am working on some Blow Me Candle Co. gift boxes. They will include one of our handmade candles, but most importantly, feature other women artists as well. These other women may hand make anything from earrings to clay pottery to hair accessories, etc. I thought it would be such a great idea to connect amazing artists from all over. I’m very excited to launch this project but it is still in the works. Stay tuned for more. & my one advice to everyone is to give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom.

I cannot thank Angel enough for taking the time to chat about her newest endeavor, Blow Me Candle Co. I will be linking socials to all of the things down below, make sure to grab a candle and if you need design work definitely check out Nightfolk Creative that she and Silo run! Blow Me Candle Co. Instagram Blow Me Candle Co. Facebook Nightfolk Creative Instagram

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