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The Power of To-Do.

Welcome back #VibrantFam! Do you ever feel like you have so much to do but don't know where to begin or maybe you have the drive but can't figure what to start with? I catch myself in this same cycle over and over again to the point that I end up just lying in bed on my off days and wasting the day away on my choice of social media poison or wormhole of YouTube videos. It gets exhausting and depressing, especially by the end of the day when I realize

My To-Do List for Today

how much I could have accomplished but failed to actually do. I struggle consistently with finding a way out of this cycle of never ending stagnancy. The one thing that I have found that has actually aided me in getting out of that cycle is creating To-Do lists. I know, that seems like the most basic of an answer and for years I convinced myself they did not work for me, but I was very wrong. I started to realize (totally, maybe, kinda this morning) that the days I created a to-do list I was more likely to wake up on time, to accomplish tasks throughout the day and generally felt better. Which all makes sense, giving yourself a sense of purpose for a day puts your mind in a positive mindset, gives you motivation to wake up and get going. For example after days of sleeping (way way too late) I finally woke up at 8:30 this morning, immediately got started on my laundry, cleaned my room and scheduled posts for some social media as well as brainstormed ideas for a post today. I scheduled all of this last night using the nifty little reminders app that we all probably conveniently tucked away and never use but let me tell you, it is so helpful! So if you are struggling with finding a drive for the day or even figuring out what you need to do then sit down and list everything you need to accomplish that day or this week. Schedule times to do them and give yourself an allotted time to do them and start checking them off. A key part in leading a positive lifestyle is honestly being productive, if you aren't productive it places you in a position of being stagnant. Lets harbor productivity and creativity and jump start our positivity. <3 Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant today and always #VibrantFam.

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