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Welcome Back #VibrantFam!

Today's post is going to dive into the idea of therapy but also reflect on the accessibility of it for everyone. Therapy is an incredible option for those who can afford to spend the extra funds per month on it. I have been in therapy off and on for as long as I can remember and it has been one of the most helpful things in combating mental health and life issues. I started therapy in the midst of my cancer

and when my parents were divorcing and this was all around 8/9 years old. I continued on that off and on again for a bit. Fast forward (somewhat, lol) to today and I am back in therapy and have been consistent with it for about 3.5 months. I say all of this just to give a background of my experience.

I can honestly say though after over a decade of therapy I am just now finding a therapist where I am making extreme strides towards self-betterment. It can be a tiring process, I gave up multiple times over the years and did not think any of it was working or worth my time/money. I felt more lost with therapists than I did on my own. All of this to say that finding a therapist that works for you is incredibly important if this is the method you decide to go with and can take some trial and error before landing with a good fit.

Furthermore, I know that unfortunately therapy is a luxury that not everyone can afford. This is a depressing and messed up reality in the society we live in -- proper healthcare is not afforded to everyone and to expect so is 'wrong'. In these instances I firmly believe in creating and upholding a strong support system. Your friends are not therapists but having an outlet in times of need is important and creating that foundation of friends or being that to someone is becoming more obviously important than ever before. Mental Health is no longer this super taboo subject but is on the forefront of most people's minds. We need to be there for each other when healthcare is not, we need to be there for each other in good times and bad, we simply need to be a good community for those in our lives. My goal for you is to sit down and figure out who your community or foundation is-. Once you have, open the discussion with them and create an open dialogue about these issues and how to create healthy boundaries that do not overload one another but can also help you each be the best help for one another. Lastly, if possible with insurance or sliding scale therapist options: find your options and explore them, try to find a therapist and give it a chance whether it's weekly, every other week or monthly.

Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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