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Vulnerability is Weak.

Welcome back Vibrant Fam! I have been doing a series on people in my life who inspire me and today I am taking a small break to discuss the topic of vulnerability. I don't know about you but I feel like I see the whole "Be Vulnerable" everywhere and I definitely know I have echoed the same sentiment within my own life. The idea that being more vulnerable with one another can lead to stronger connections, better relationships and an ability to communicate emotion and in general better. I also have seen, heard and been around a plethora of individuals who believe that being vulnerable can be a weakness, a way to let people screw you and a fast pass to failure. Which one is true though? Are both? I am very open about being in therapy and have been off and on for much of my life, in this most recent round of it with a new therapist they recommended a book entitled Daring Greatly in which Dr. Brene Brown discusses shame and vulnerability. She interviews people in life who view it as weakness and then interviews successful individuals who attribute a lot of their success to being vulnerable. I have had several discussions with my therapist about being vulnerable and the walls or defense mechanisms we typically put up to avoid the act of vulnerability.

I firmly believe vulnerability is a way to show our most raw form to one another and I strongly believe that is how we cultivate true relationships with one another. Vulnerability is how we take positions of acquaintanceship to areas of devoted friendship. Obviously we should be wise in how we are vulnerable -- best not to overshare and to know who we have as confidants and how to move relationships deeper in a proper pace. Long story cut short, I do not believe we should fall victim to the ideal of vulnerability equating to weakness. Rather we should let walls fall and start allowing ourselves to heal and to feel like we are meant and created to do. And with that, I leave you with a recommendation to read Daring Greatly and genuinely take in what is written and the lessons that are in there. Research vulnerability and look at what defense mechanisms you may have put in place to ensure you are guarded from being vulnerable. We all have them but we can all earnestly work towards taking them down brick by brick. Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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