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Welcome back Vibrant Fam!

Art is not mine, Image was taken by me.
Sometimes we feel like we're in the dark but fail to realize our colors still shine bright.

Today is going to be slightly more stream of consciousness post -- I want to talk about having bad/bleh days. They happen, we are human and these days are an inevitable piece of our collective experience. We cannot expect to live each day in utter peace and happiness but we can combat these days with positive outlooks and self-care. For me one of those days was today. I woke up in a weird space and even though I started my day with voicing what I was grateful for and what I was affirming in my life something still felt off. I was fighting these feelings a lot today -- not so much to not feel them but to put myself within a better mindset to combat the busy day ahead of me. I was constantly using resiliency against the onslaught of off thoughts and feelings that seemed to bombard me out of nowhere, fighting the anxious thoughts by dispelling them and fighting the overall tiredness I felt. Which makes sense, some days with emotional dealings can be incredibly tiring hence why people in fits of depression sleep so often. These thoughts ranged anywhere from how bad I wanted not to be at work to how bad I missed socializing to the lovely random memory of dumb mistake I made in the past and they came out of nowhere. It's funny how the brain works sometimes, one day you can be on top of the world and other days you could feel absolutely out of whack, the explanation of why is off in the distance too far to truly grasp.

But I digress, I eventually got home and made some tea and zoned out for a bit with some mindless videos and allowed myself to relax, I ended that with a hot shower and some skin care and now I've found myself here. Almost struggling for creativity and what I could possibly talk about today that would have a hook and meaning to someone other than myself. Ultimately I went with being vulnerable, to talk about the fact that today was not necessarily bad but it was a trying day mentally and physically. Like I said, they happen but my purpose with this project is to show that vibrancy comes in varying types and ways and sometimes your vibrancy comes with days that seem a little dreary. The important factor is to know that you can pick yourself up-- whether that is through some self-care routine, meditation or a phone call/visit with a friend or family. Staying Vibrant does not mean you force yourself to smile even when you cannot but rather to ensure that you're taking care of yourself and those around you in a positive and mindful manner. It's about not allowing yourself to slip into a detrimental area of lacking self-love and compassion but rather understanding where you are, feeling where you are and learning in a positive way how to move on and grow from that experience. Next time you're having a bad day just take a few moments to center yourself, breathe and feel the emotion you may be fighting. Allow it to come in but allow yourself to take control of the moment. Show yourself some love and compassion and learn to build resiliency tactics for moments where thoughts or outside sources attempt to diminish the vibrancy you show naturally. Wherever you are, whatever you felt today or feel tomorrow -- know that you are worthy, you are strong, you deserve compassion and you are forgiven. Do not let anything bring you down and always keep moving forward, each mistake is not a route back to square one but rather another lesson learned and another step forward. Thanks for staying with me today Vibrant Fam; thanks for being the amazing person you are.

As always Spread Love, Spread Light, Stay Vibrant~

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