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Who Inspires You?

Welcome Back #VibrantFam! I want to talk about the people in my life that inspire me. This will range from friends to family and everyone in between. We are constantly inspired by those we encounter whether for a time that is brief or an extended amount of time -- I want this series to highlight those in my life that inspire me but also help you to start picturing who inspires or has inspired you. The first person that I want to talk about is my grandmother, Ruby. She recently passed this May and it was an incredibly difficult thing to process. My grandmother was near and dear to me, she was present during much of my life and basically helped raise me with my mother. She was one of the most authentic and genuine people I knew, she dressed and expressed herself as she deemed fit and did not care what anyone had to say. I aspire to be half the person she ever was -- the way she carried herself demanded respect but she did so in a way that was hard not to love.

My grandmother was there for me for years, I would get out of school and go to her house down the road and spend hours with her. She was my safe haven as a child and into my adult years, we would talk about life and her past and my present and so on. She instilled in me to be myself no matter what the world would say, this was the person who wore a diamond ring on every finger and had ruby red nails all while wearing a themed get up(y'all she was an icon in my small town of Ruston). She also taught me to work hard though, as fun as it was to be glamorous and have fun with one another dancing around town she knew how to work. We would spend hours tilling her flower beds, clearing the tree lines and cleaning the yard all while drinking an ice cold pepsi in a frozen mug. I say all of this because it is always nice to remember her fondly, it is never easy seeing someone you love or inspires you get older and not be able to do much of what they used to do. She will always be someone who inspires me though, I can still hear her voice in my head. I think constantly of what she would want me to do or how proud of me she would be. I work hard to pursue my dreams for her and my mom, they are the foundation of who I am as human. I have a memory necklace for my grandmother and I will always hold it close as a reminder of who she was to me and what she taught me.

My goal for you after today's post is to start looking at those in your life who inspire you. Think of the memories and lessons they have taught you, hold them close and journal about them today. As you strive to live each day in a positive light, never lose sight of who you are. Always be yourself because being true to yourself is a lesson I am eternally grateful my grandmother instilled in me. Your authenticity is the best version of yourself and that will be the version that is successful, not the fake front we are tempted to put on. As always Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant. -Colton

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