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Cristina Soto Revisits "Lifted" for a New Acoustic Mix

Cristina Soto has released another acoustic mix of one of her collaborations. Today, she revisited her song "Lifted" that she originally recorded with the EDM duo Tritonal. The song is approaching its tenth birthday this year and it only seemed fitting to revisit this golden work. This is not Soto's first time revisiting dance anthems she has collaborated on to give them new life as an acoustic mix. This last year she also revamped "Still With Me" another of her collaborations with Tritonal as well as "Painted White" a collaboration with Illenium and Said The Sky.

Soto said: “I was so excited to rework ‘Lifted’ as an acoustic mix because the progression, melodies, and lyrics are strong, and I felt that it could stand the test of time,” shared Soto. “The message of imperfect love is also still a relevant one.”

As I have been playing this song on repeat the past couple of days, I can truly say this song does stand the test of time. The acoustic mix truly captures the strength and beauty of the song and gives it a much more relaxed, mesmerizing vibe compared it to its original. There is no better way for this song to ring in its tenth birthday than this epically beautiful remixing. She accomplished this rework featuring Robert Soto on guitars and drums, Omar Villejo on bass and Haydn Vitera on strings.

Soto is an Austin, TX based singer/songwriter and live performer that is very widely known for her collaborations within the EDM scene. She is a multitalented and multifaceted artist. Soto is trained in opera, jazz, musical theatre and gospel vocals and plays multiple instruments. Her work with Tritonal is longstanding as she was the original vocalist with the duo. Her graceful voice and incredible ability at lyricism helped to push the duo to the forefront of their respective sound. We are definitely looking forward to what is next for Cristina Soto and hopefully that means more acoustic mixes of her past works. Find the song on all platforms here.

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