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Rob Late and Tianda Set the Tone for Summer with "Nothing But Love"

Welcome back Vibrant Fam! This week we have a new release from the one and only Rob Late. Late is a London based pop electronic songwriter and music producer. He is no stranger to the world of music, starting with a curiosity as a youngster. Late spent a lot of his younger years obsessed with keyboards and computers and his love of music eventually led him to start recreating the music from video games! Since those days way back when, he has solidified a name for himself within the music industry. Whether he is producing for bands, writing for other singers or even debuting his first label release: there is no stopping Rob Late.

The latest release, also first label release for himself, is "Nothing But Love" featuring Canadian singer/songwriter Tianda. As summer quickly approaches, the music and events industry re-opens "Nothing But Love" has set itself to become a summer anthem. Starting slowly with a whistle rhythm before gently letting into Tianda's upbeat voice and beautiful melodies. There is no denying the infectious feeling of joy and happiness the listener gets from this song. The synths and vocal combination makes it near impossible not to get up and dance. After a year of solitude this is exactly the song we all needed to triumphantly lead us into the summer.


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