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Zac Taylor Whisks us away with Debut Single: "Stay in the Night"

I am incredibly excited to have interviewed Zac Taylor about his debut single, Stay in the Night. Zac was a member of one of the top boy bands in New Zealand, Titanium. Since the days of supporting Mariah Carey on her tour and touring the world, he has now ventured on to a solo career journey. With Stay in the Night being the first to drop off his new project, I am absolutely excited about what is to come. He is an incredibly talented vocalist and this is only the beginning. Check out the interview below:

Hey there Zac, happy for you to join me over at Stay Vibrant. I was reading a bit about you and your journey prior to this interview. I noticed you started in one of New Zealand's boy bands Titanium and now you're branching out into a solo artist career. How has that change been and what would you say has been the biggest hurdle to get over?

After being in a group for 5 years you get used to having people around you all the time. I had to get used to just working with myself and being confident with my own ideas. It has been good to dive deep into my artistry and develop my song-writing over the last two years. I think the hardest hurdle to get over has been allowing myself to have the confidence to actually let my music out and release it to the world. Sometimes as artists we are so critical on ourselves we tend to be our worse enemy which ultimately holds us back.

Stay in the Night is your debut single on your solo journey. What feelings are going through you as this single is dropping?

Honestly I'm overwhelmed. Excited, nervous but also I'm so happy to just be in a place where I can release these songs that I have created.

The single definitely has that cinema-esque feeling of love, where did your inspiration for Stay in the Night come from? Its a story about a moment that used to play over and over in my mind. A past relationship that I was caught up on. Stay in the night is the all too familiar story of being with someone and wanting to remain in a time or a moment - not wanting it to end. A direct love song laying down the emotions we all feel, no matter what surrounds us in the time. Throughout your music career, you have moved around quite a bit. Originally from New Zealand, then all the way over the United States in Georgia and now back to Australia. What encouraged you to settle in Australia?

It was never planned it just happened; I was going through a lot of personal stuff when I left the band so I moved to Sydney to have a break and find myself again. It's where my passion for music was reignited and I began to meet new friends who would become apart of my team today. I moved to Melbourne in 2019 and honestly the vibe here is insane. So far I'm loving my time here.

It is no secret that 2020 has been quite the rollercoaster. What have been some things you've learned about yourself during this time?

I learnt that nothing is a sure thing. Keep your mind and soul healthy and fueled with passion.

I learnt that I can turn a bad situation around with just a few changes to my mind set.

On top of that, what have you been doing to keep yourself afloat mentally? I have seen so many artists and members of the industry struggling during this pandemic and everyone has their own little tips and tricks that keeps them ticking.

Writing, I wrote a whole e.p during my first lockdown. It was like a diary for me to vent through. Very therapeutic and allowed me to keep my mind healthy.

What are you excited about as this year ends and following the release of your debut single?

I'm excited for my whole project to drop. The songs are incredible and the visuals are beautiful. I'm looking forward to doing more live shows and connecting with more people.

Thanks for chatting, Zac! I wish you the best and definitely excited for what's to come for you. Stay safe and stay vibrant! Check out the single below, now streaming on all platforms!

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