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2 years and some change...

It is hard to explain exactly how it has felt since the last time I posted here. It was a rush of creative juices, I had built up my industry contacts and had given my all to my passion project and as quickly as it happened it just as quickly came to a crashing halt.

I have pondered every day where I would be had I just made the time to keep up the reviews, interviews, contact and posts -- had I kept the excitement alive like the kid walking in to see the gifts left by Santa. At the same time, I understand that wondering what would have been does nothing but harbor an overly anxious mind and swiftly brings in depression wearing her delicate black dress, as it shrouds even the furthest corners of your mind.

I will not let those thoughts continue to fester. I am coming back to a project I left abandoned, unsure of how its revival will truly take shape but I am going to tend to it, care for it and with a goal of building this into something I am continuing to be proud of. Those of you that had faith in me 2 years and some change ago, I hope you are still there and still have hope to share. If not, I hope to be able to build upon the existing foundation and create something that is relatable, creative and can bring some love and peace to a world that continues to desperately need it.

I started #StayVibrant years ago as a way to spread love, spread light and to encourage people to stay vibrant. That mission has not and will not change, though the way I go about it just might. I have grand visions of where I would like to take this project, how I would like to navigate a world of creativity and how I would like to tend to the creative inside me that I have pushed to the wayside.

I hope that you all will join on me a re-iteration of Stay Vibrant -- something that I am entirely too excited about and has been entirely too long overdue. This is not "nice to meet you" it is simply "hello again, old friend." With Love, Colton

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