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Contra Scandal Guides Listeners "Full Circle" on Debut Album

Today we have a brand new release from Contra Scandal -- a debut album as a matter of fact. If this is your introduction to this talented artist, have no fear we have you covered. Ezra Arenson, aka Contra Scandal, is a Colorado based artist and is a master within his craft of bass music magic. Starting his musical journey at the young age of four years old with the violin, gave him quite the head start. He eventually picked up the clarinet and guitar pushing his curiosity even further which eventually led to him joining a metal band in high school in which he was a guitarist. It is no surprise that all of the experience he has garnered over the years has eventually led him to the bass scene. He has opened for some huge names such as Caspa, Subdocta, NGHTMRE among many others.

The new album, Full Circle, is a skillfully done piece of art that guides listeners on a journey of sound. Full Circle has a total of ten songs, each beautifully blending into the next for a cohesive adventure. "Mile High Livin" is the third song on the album and highlights the exciting nightlife that Colorado has to offer. Colorado has become the safe haven of bass music in recent years and it should come as no surprise Contra Scandal would highlight such an important piece of his genre. The song starts lightly and then drops into this worldly inspired beat with hip hop lyricism over the top painting a vivid picture of the nightlife scene in Colorado. Moving on to the title track "Full Circle" Contra Scandal guides listeners through a mystic, bass filled portal that is guaranteed to have you moving your body in ways unknown before. The bass within the title track truly takes over your body and catapults the listener into space, with a few moments of gentle lulling before bringing you right back.

Overall, each track is noticeably made with intention for his debut album. The six months he spent immersing himself in his sound has paid off into a beautiful adventure of bass. As we all near the end of what has been a tumultuous year, it has all of us excited for what is next for Contra Scandal, especially as it relates to festival circuits. The album is out now via Gravitas Recordings and ready to stream on all major streaming platforms.


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