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The idea for 'Stay Vibrant' came about when going through a dark time in life -- it became a mantra that I would repeat and eventually solidified my dream of making it something larger by tattooing it on my wrist to be reminded of it daily. 
My goal is to bring a positive force behind event curation and the music industry overall. Allowing an outlet for those passionate about what they do and combining it with the passion of uplifting others. In a world in which we are taught 'dog eat dog' I want to be that force echoing that we can work together to boost one another to our greatest potential. 

So welcome, family, lets get started and don't forget to Stay Vibrant~


Dustycloud Invites Us All into his "Mad World"

Dustycloud -- Photo Credit: Janice Renee

This week I got to listen and find this incredible, up and coming house producer: Dustycloud. His most recent release Mad World EP came out on Wednesday March 13th. He is absolutely a force to be reckoned with. This release came out on Deadbeats, the label headed by none other than Zeds Dead. He started his trek with a release on Ultra Records 'Marie' and OWSLA 'Baguette Vibe' and has continued to soar ever since. He started producing in 2014 and jumped in immediately catching the attention of big names like Tchami and Malaa and now Zeds Dead. Most of his music has his bass house touch, a rhythmic house beat with some killer bass overtones. This EP proved to be no different in that respect but absolutely solidified his talent in that realm. The leading track on the EP is 'Survive' and starts off with a dark vibe that slowly crescendos into a steady house beat. After giving a solid listen to his discography, this tune is exactly what listeners would expect from the artist. It is guaranteed to get you up and shuffling and ready to go for the day. I am not lying, I have probably had this two track EP playing on repeat for about 30 minutes now. The second track is 'Fantasy' and features Tony Romera. This track takes a more classic house beginning before jumping into some sped up bass additions. 'Fantasy' resonates with me a lot, I came into this scene with house and I will probably die a house fan. The vocals and beat take me back to a lot of my favorite artists (Tchami, Malaa) but puts a new twist on the genre I love. All in all, it is no surprise Dustycloud has multiple releases on Confession (Tchami's label). This guy has talent and given the incredible amount of attention he has received from such legendary artists, he will be one to watch this year. You can stream the two track EP below.

“I’m lucky enough to be on a journey to find my place on this planet, but when you watch the news and see the crazy things going on in other people's lives it makes it hard to focus on yourself. One thing I realized when I started to tour internationally was that no matter what was going on, wherever I was, people use music to forget. Even if it’s just for a song, or a set, or a night, music is its own world where we come together out of love. That’s what inspired this EP. I wrote it for everybody trying to find their own Fantasy to Survive this ‘Mad World.’ Enjoy.” - Dustycloud

Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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