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Welcome Back Vibrant Fam! It's finally here! Long awaited, much anticipated and honey #LGBTQtwitter is losing it. KANDY, a queer electronic artist, who recently came out and has been killing it with queer dance staples since. Following him on this journey of self-love has been nothing short of absolute fun. Since his release of "Feelin' KNT" with MadDecent last year, he has been killing the scene venturing coast to coast. Now with a remix pack of all female artists ranging from classics Ciara ft. Missy Elliot "1,2 Step" to the ever so wonderful and highly anticipated "Boys Boys Boys" by Lady Gaga this pack features every club classic your young gay heart could want. If you have not listened then grab a speaker, turn the volume up and get ready to lose it. He has effectively taken songs that consumers have all come to love by popular, strong female entertainers and flipped them into a sweet tasting bass rendition. They don't lose their innate sound but rather receive a defining twist that are unique to his sound. A bass filled adventure to songs that typically rely on a more melodic, treble sound. A much need refresher to the remix scene and a welcomed revival of songs everyone loves but aren't in rotation as much anymore. _________________________________________________________________________________

I would like to note that while the defining characteristic of a person is never their sexuality, it is important to have an artist like #KANDY doing what he is so openly. Within a music scene that owes so much of who it is to the queer community, especially trans and black queer individuals, it is always a positive and refreshing to have someone talented be out and proud and rep it so strongly within their brand and their music. On that note listen to this girl power playlist and dance your little heart out.

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