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The idea for 'Stay Vibrant' came about when going through a dark time in life -- it became a mantra that I would repeat and eventually solidified my dream of making it something larger by tattooing it on my wrist to be reminded of it daily. 
My goal is to bring a positive force behind event curation and the music industry overall. Allowing an outlet for those passionate about what they do and combining it with the passion of uplifting others. In a world in which we are taught 'dog eat dog' I want to be that force echoing that we can work together to boost one another to our greatest potential. 

So welcome, family, lets get started and don't forget to Stay Vibrant~


Listen: Mark Redito Releases 'Neutropical'

Photo Credit: CJ Ormita

Mark Redito is back with his first full length album since Desire six years ago! He makes a triumphant return with the release of Neutropical. This album is what he describes as Tropical Futurism inspired by Afro-Futurism. It gives an entirely different vibe than anything I have heard before. Minimalist in some beats, jersey club reminiscent in others and quite light and tropical throughout. The entire project pays homage to the island culture in which he was raised and it is quite evident. Redito utilized his success with Desire to jump start a concert series by the name of Likido. This series highlights people of color, women and LGBTQI+ communities and offers a place to be uplifted creatively within the scene. Now he is back after a hiatus within music and is launching something just as creatively awesome as Likido.

Neutropical begins with 'Break Silence' which is also the first single that was released from the album. This tune features Shel Bee whose vocals absolutely captivate listeners. The tune already begins to highlight tropical influences as well as a bounce within the tune that is hard not to dance to. Further within the album is 'Never Letting Go of this Moment,' a song that feel ethereal. It starts light and slowly crescendos into this upbeat rhythm only to slowly drift off once again. A tune that truly lives up to its name, it truly feels like a moment in time perfectly captured.

'Boyfriend' is a track that left me in awe. The beat seemingly minimalist, keeps with the vibe of the entire album. Reminiscent of Trippy Turtle like sounds, it keeps listeners on their toes. The track features TOFUKU whose versatility within vocals is incredible. Starting off with lush singing and then ending the song with a rap. Definitely a song that will be an anthem of the summer, fierce and independent. 'Holly and Maria' creates an energetic listening experience. I very literally could not keep still while listening to this song. It carries a very lively rhythm, that carries a listener off to sunny days. Need a song that brings a smile to your face on the dreariest of days? This is it! Overall, this album is the triumphant return any Mark Redito fan has been waiting for. The clean beats that carry such life within them definitely pay homage to the tropics he was raised in. The Tropical Futurism he was going for is a sound that I will definitely be keeping an ear open for. The richness in sound and culture is a fresh take on a lot of the music coming out today. Make sure to stream the album below, check out his tour and keep up with Likido for an uplifting concert series.

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