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Mae Krell Gets Raw in their Newest Single "are you sure?"

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Today, I am so very pleased to share an artist with you by the name of Mae Krell. I have had the pleasure of working with Krell through BITCH MGMT with their position as Lead Publicist. They are absolutely a force to be reckoned with, starting in the industry in High School taking photographs of concerts for the likes of Rolling Stone and Sony RCA. That passion and drive continued to persevere through the years, releasing their first singles at the age of 16 (Monsters and Scars). Soon thereafter, they released their debut EP Anabasis in 2018 and have not stopped since.

Mae has such a unique ability to execute the emotions felt so beautifully into lyrics and instrumentation. While listening to their repertoire it is easy to see the gift that they have in songwriting -- every song invokes an emotion and deep feeling within the listeners. are you sure? is no different and digs deep into the feeling of losing sight of the progress one has made in life. Their voice is so delicate over the guitar and piano chords but the delicacy is filled with the rawness of the emotions one feels while trying not to forget the years of achievement and progress: almost as if on the verge of tears and trying to find the strength to push on. I had the lucky opportunity to chat with Mae Krell about the new single and much more, check out the interview and the new single below:

Hello Mae, welcome to Stay Vibrant! So excited to have you on this side of the blog. How are you doing?

Thanks so much Colton! I’m stoked, and feeling good today!

Prior to this, I went through your entire repertoire and wow. In love how open and vulnerable you are through your music -- is music a way to process and release emotion for you?

That means so much to me, seriously. Writing music is definitely a way for me to process and understand my feelings. It’s also been a way for me to get closure on situations that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Your latest single, are you sure? is so absolutely raw with emotion -- where did the inspiration for this single come from?

are you sure? is about those moments where you feel like you’ve made no progress because you’re feeling down. Even when you’re aware of your recovery and how things have changed, it’s sometimes hard to look back objectively. For me, I often look back and wonder if things were really as bad as I thought. Maybe I've made no progress because it wasn’t that bad. These thoughts can be super scary, and in my experience they aren’t necessarily ones that disappear completely. writing and recording are you sure? was my way to process.

You have been on this journey with sobriety for about two years and music since you were sixteen, how has music been impactful on your sober journey?

I’m recently three years sober actually! are you sure? was written around a year ago, when I was two years sober. When I first got sober, I was super engulfed in music. Six months into my sobriety I was thousands of miles from home playing a gig in a city I had never been in. Being sober is the biggest blessing I've been given, but it’s also extremely difficult sometimes. Making music that’s raw and personal has helped me get through the times at which it feels impossible to stay within my own head and body.

As you are aware, mental health is a huge piece of this blog and these interviews. How do you pull yourself out of the bad days?

Gratitude and meditation are really essential to my mental health “maintenance”. Writing a gratitude list, doing meditation, calling a friend, writing music, sometimes laying face down in bed and crying- all things that I do when I'm not feeling great. But honestly, (at least in my sobriety) I've never woken up feeling worse than I went to sleep feeling. So if I can’t get myself to at least slightly chill, I’ll end up taking a nap.

You toured nationally at 19, you are releasing singles constantly and you run a PR company BITCH mgmt -- how do you make time for yourself and both of your passions?

Not gonna lie, I definitely forget to make time for myself sometimes. But in general, I'd say that it takes a lot of patience and relying on my phone’s calendar. Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed I could scream, and some days I feel like I have nothing to do. I try to not let myself hold onto things for too long if they aren’t making me feel happy or fulfilled. I used to do photography as a proper full time gig, and when it stopped making me happy, I stopped and moved it to a part time thing. Why spend time doing things you don’t enjoy at least a little bit? Doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, I grew up in New York City; I’m used to constant chaos and movement, so I think that helps too.

What milestone or piece of advice that you have been told or learned has continued to impact you to this day?

Gratitude is everything. If you wake up every day and decide to be grateful for what you have and focus on that, things are gonna be alright. If you set your mind to it, it’s possible to find a way to enjoy everything enough. At least that’s what I've found.

Thank you so much for joining us today Mae, always a pleasure to hear from you! Is there anything you'd like to leave the readers with or plug?

Thanks so much again for having me! are you sure? is out everywhere now! Would love if you’d go listen and always appreciate hearing what you think!

& All my socials are @maekrell :)


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