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Manatee Commune makes "Growing Pains" Whimsical

Photo Credits: Julia Lowe

Manatee Commune is back with another whimsical single pre-album release. This single entitled 'Growing Pains' came out April 19, 2019 a few weeks before the album drops on May 3, 2019. The album is entitled PDA and given the past two singles I have received, it is guaranteed to be a hit. The song takes on the all familiar tone and sound he entranced us with prior. A slow, ethereal growing beat beautifully dancing around with the vocals. This single features Samuel Eisen-Meyers whose voice carries the listener gently through the track. As the title states, the song is definitely about growing pains. However, not in so much the painstaking literal sense. The track tackles the growth of 'exploring life in your mid 20s' and very evidently transcends this entire experience. For those tackling it (hey. how ya doin?) and to those who've surpassed it, it resonates with listeners of all calibers. With lyrics like "trying to keep my head up/last call to get up/last call to step up/growing pains, living on another day" it is entirely too easy to relate to this track. The song is just the pick-me-up needed for the spring and all the rebirth at the moment. I urge each of you to stream it down below and take a minute with your eyes closed and drift off with the tune. To be completely frank, I have been feeling incredibly lost lately and this track somehow captures that essence. Being in a place of figuring out where you are in life and having a tune just completely paint that with sound is inspiring. The melody isn't somber but warm, inviting and reminiscent of the beauty within the struggle of just figuring it all out. The way that Samuel Eisen-Mayer's vocals dance with the delicate sounds of Manatee Commune is the hug everyone needs during those trying times. With that said dear readers, I will leave you with some wise words from Manatee Commune himself:

"Feeling the pains of growth is a sign of growth and every battle won is a step forward in the right direction. As long as you are doing what you love, you are on the right path."

Leaving the Garden State Tour Dates

5.18 - Portland, OR

5.20 - Santa Cruz, CA

5.21 - San Diego, CA

5.22 - Santa Ana, CA

5.23 - Las Vegas, NV

5.30 - Salt Lake City, UT

5.31 - Denver, CO

6.2 - Chicago, IL

6.4 - Philadelphia, PA

6.5 - Washington, DC

6.6 - Boston, MA

6.7 - New York, NY

6.9 - Nashville, TN

6.10 - Atlanta, GA

6.12 - Houston, TX

6.13 - Austin, TX

6.14 - Dallas, TX

6.17 - Phoenix, AZ

6.19 - Los Angeles, CA

6.21 - San Francisco, CA

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