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The idea for 'Stay Vibrant' came about when going through a dark time in life -- it became a mantra that I would repeat and eventually solidified my dream of making it something larger by tattooing it on my wrist to be reminded of it daily. 
My goal is to bring a positive force behind event curation and the music industry overall. Allowing an outlet for those passionate about what they do and combining it with the passion of uplifting others. In a world in which we are taught 'dog eat dog' I want to be that force echoing that we can work together to boost one another to our greatest potential. 

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Manatee Commune Releases 'I Can Dream' ft. Effee

Manatee Commune - Allen Daniel

March 29th, 2019 Manatee Commune dropped an absolutely ethereal single featuring Effee titled 'I Can Dream.' This single beautifully captures the delicacy of music and rhythm. A bit about the talented musician himself. Manatee Commune, real name Grant, hails from Washington. His influences range from Sylvan Esso, Big Wild and Flume. Listening to his repertoire it is absolutely evident of his influences and past classical training. He has a way with sound that is uplifting, romantic and easy-going. The delicacy he has in his productions is not found often in a lot of current production; it is quite a breath of fresh air into the current stream of sound.

With this release, it is no different. The way the song starts is light on its feet until it slowly fades into this mystical entrancement. The entire melody is a light and flowing breeze in spring. Effee's voice beautifully matches the entire medium as well. Her voice delicately carries listeners over the beat. One thing I have come to notice is artists within the electronic realm have a sense of technicality when they have been classically trained. This is no knock towards artists in general, but a praise for the conciseness in rhythm and technicality. This song perfectly captures that essence and beautifully paints a picture. Grant describes the writing of this song and it blew me away because it truly captures that time and place.

"This track came together when the first warmth of spring actually started to reveal itself. I had just moved to Portland and the whole city just exploded with cherry blossoms and daffodils, so grabbed my laptop and an acoustic guitar, laid out in the park and crafted what I thought was just a goofy little beat that I’d never use." - Manatee Commune

That image is way too similar to the one I had in my mind listening to this song with my eyes closed. The way the entire selection moves is the gentleness of spring breeze in the beginning of new warm weather. The vocals from Effee honestly add the aspect of those cherry blossoms drifting along that breeze.

For those longing to hear the incredible talent that is Manatee Commune live, he will be going on tour. He is playing as direct support for Geographer. Dates and the stream are found below!

Leaving the Garden State Tour Dates

5.18 - Portland, OR

5.20 - Santa Cruz, CA

5.21 - San Diego, CA

5.22 - Santa Ana, CA

5.23 - Las Vegas, NV

5.30 - Salt Lake City, UT

5.31 - Denver, CO

6.2 - Chicago, IL

6.4 - Philadelphia, PA

6.5 - Washington, DC

6.6 - Boston, MA

6.7 - New York, NY

6.9 - Nashville, TN

6.10 - Atlanta, GA

6.12 - Houston, TX

6.13 - Austin, TX

6.14 - Dallas, TX

6.17 - Phoenix, AZ

6.19 - Los Angeles, CA

6.21 - San Francisco, CA

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