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Mielo Releases debut EP 'Anywhere But Here'

Mielo is a young artist based in the windy city of Chicago. This young artist has been on a track to fast growth receiving major support from artists like Gryffin, Slow Magic and The Chainsmokers. He has honed a sound for himself, mixing the likes of synth-pop and future bass to create a beautiful project. His overall sound is minimalist enough, with light, energetic drops mixed in.

With his first EP Anywhere But Here out now, it truly showcases his talent as an artist. The titles and sound of this EP are truly captured by Mielo himself when he said: “ ‘Anywhere But Here’ is a compilation of songs going over the vast feelings and situations a young up and coming artist experiences before they ‘make it.’ " Each song is perfectly titled to capture this journey. From the very first being 'I Hope This Was Worth It' which starts the EP off in an upbeat yet melancholy way. It truly captures the journey most artists take part in with a short piece of slow music ending with a whispered "I Hope this Was Worth It." Every artist of any medium can relate to the impending feeling of where their artistry will go. Is this career even worth it, will there be a big break anytime soon, is this all for nothing? All of the questions seem to be guided throughout the short intro which takes listeners right into the next song 'Scar.'

'Scar (ft. Cailee Rae)' truly captures a fight with one's self and those same questions. As the vocalist Cailee Rae beautifully sings about every scar and the battle going on, the beat beautifully begins to crescendo. This is a perfect rendition of a synth-like fight song. The beat is giving glimmers of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel feeling. Mielo talks about the "tough times of depression, self-doubt and wondering if I could even make music and be successful doing it." All of that emotion is being evoked within this song.

Following comes 'ILY (ft. Sarah De Warren)' which starts with this mystical like beat that is very upbeat. Compared to the previous song, this tune evokes a change in pace. Much happier, a change of feeling from reflection of the self-doubt to a more loving voice. The beat gives vibes of Slow Magic, a very upbeat and happy rhythm.

The final track of the EP is titled 'Anywhere But Here (ft. Tori Letzler)' -- a complete turn around from where the EP began. The way Mielo has described his journey and the place he was in while writing this EP is captured so eloquently within this release. The beginning of this piece gives me Porter Robinson 'Worlds' vibes. The otherworldly escape feeling and it continues the change of pace with a happier, upbeat rhythm. The song beautifully evokes the journey Mielo was on during the writing process. As the year continues, I am extremely excited to see where this artist goes. He has a refreshing sound and has a lot of talent to bring to the table. Stream the new EP below and check out other tunes and remixes he has dropped -- his repertoire is impeccable!

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