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New Release: "I Don't Wanna Know" Banger By Nikademis and Friendzone

Welcome back y'all! We are hot off the release of I Don't Wanna Know by Nikademis and Friendzone. This release is nothing short of spectacular and Space Yacht were the lucky ones to release this track.

The song begins gently and slowly starts to crescendo into a big and bountiful sound; slowly lulling the listener in before being lifted off by Candace Sosa's voice. The beginning of the track captures the beauty that Friendzone always bring to their music. A cheery and uplifting vibe that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. About 2 minutes in, the listener is greeted by bass aspects that ramp up the energy and quite frankly had me jumping around my house (lookin at you Nikademis). I have a feeling that this will be a song dropped across sets at the first festival we can have -- at least I visually was catapulted to one in my head. I highly recommend putting this song to some of your favorite music festival memories and just relive those glorious moments with this track.

It is always such an exciting time when I get a new song from either of these artists in my inbox and cannot wait to dive into more of Candace's repertoire. Stream the song below!


Friendzone - Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Candace Sosa - Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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