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New Release: "noRoom" Nicholas Hamilton and SAVS

Welcome back, y'all! Today we have Nic Hamilton joining us once again with his latest release off his coming EP. This single is a collaboration with SAVS, an artist based out in California. noRoom came about during a bit of a songwriting retreat and ultimately was a truly cathartic process for both of these artists post-breakups. When asked how they would describe the song and emotion behind the new release, this what they had to say:

"That feeling of having to let go and be, essentially, put on hold by someone while they go figure themselves out is so uncomfortable, almost like a limbo. You feel like you can't see anyone else because there might still be a chance it'll work so you wait for them, even if they explicitly tell you not to. noRoom aims to dig deep into that emotional experience."

The single truly captures the essence of losing someone and the feeling of still loving that person, even though they have no room for you at the moment. Truly taking their own relatable experience and turning it into an artistic masterpiece. This makes Hamilton's second single off his upcoming EP and yet again, it is truly remarkable how multifaceted he is as a creative. SAVS is also truly a force to be reckoned with, her voice is so smooth and angelic. Definitely hoping to get more collaborations from both of them in the future. Until then though, check out the interview and song below:

Hey there Nic and SAVS! Welcome back Nic and so excited to have you on Stay Vibrant. This new single is incredibly raw and honest. How did this partnership start?

Nic: I’d been living in LA for about 6 months when I hit a songwriting wall. It happens every now and then, and I normally just wait them out until something good comes, but this time I decided to put out a call on my Instagram for possible collaborators to write with. Savs’ friend tweeted at me and told me to check her out, so I did, and I thought her voice and writing talent was phenomenal, so I reached out to her. Savs: I had actually just moved to LA when Nic and I met. It was all fairly serendipitous for me because I had only planned to be in LA for a few months to strictly focus on music collaborations in the area. Nic and I only met up once while I lived in LA, but I think we would mutually agree that based on that first meeting it was the start of a really rad partnership. We kept in contact over the following year by sending each other voice memos of new songs we were working on, and after going too long not getting to work together in person, we made a songwriting retreat happen! Thus, noRoom was born.

noRoom was written on what y'all called a songwriting retreat. What sparked the idea of the song and the name?

Nic: Yeah! We got an Airbnb for a week in Visalia, CA just purely to write and be creative. One of the best ideas either of us have ever had. We sat down on the second day and started venting to each other about recent relationships and realized how similar each of ours were to each others, so we decided to write about that. noRoom was written and a demo had been recorded in less than an hour. Savs: Pretty simply, we were venting about our love lives! It made us laugh realizing how our situations at the time were so similar, and so we ran with it. The spelling of noRoom is also pretty interesting! I have been studying Web Development for quite some time, and it is a habit for me to label all of my folders/voice memos using what we call ‘camel-casing’ ie: noRoom. My dear friend, Caleb Carr, who is the producer on this track, and --quite honestly-- a legend, made a comment saying “oh thats clever, Sav!” and I didn’t even catch what he meant by that until he asked later if we were gonna be spelling it as such upon release. During the songwriting process, was it also a bit of a healing process exploring those emotions?

Savs: Woof. For sure. Sometimes you just have to be painfully honest about your situation in order to begin losing hope in someone that isn’t in the same dream-boat that you are. Nic: 1000%. I think it means something more too, that we hadn’t known each other for that long, but were both more than willing to vent to one another and discuss intimate details about our relationships. I think that shows the quick bond we made when we met a year earlier. Savs, you were in Nashville as a background singer for a bit but are originally a California native. What pulled you over to Nashville and ultimately brought you back to California?

Nic: I moved to the states when I was 18, just after graduating high school, so naturally the biggest adjustment was learning how to be a human adult. I feel like the emotions one goes through when trying to figure out how the world works are exemplified tenfold when you’re in a new area, let alone the other side of the world. It’s been two years now and I’ve gone through multiple relationships, lost jobs and a pandemic, so I’d say I’ve had to learn how to be a big boy fairly quickly. I’ll always miss the people of Australia the most, my family and friends. I’ll stay super close with them no matter how long I’m over here for. You both are incredibly talented artists -- what are your vision board-esque goals for the next year?

Nic: 2020 forced me to not really have any crazy long-term goals. My goals now are next-minute. What can I do today that will make my tomorrow better? Doing everything I can to make my life, career and relationships a cut above what they were the day before, that’s my goal. That being said, I just want to be happy this year. If I reach December 31st and I’ve got a smile on my face, I’ll count myself as successful. Savs: Well, my first exciting thing is that I graduate in just a few months! When COVID hit, I decided to go full sail into finishing up some schooling that kept getting pushed back while being busy with performing. Kind of a blessing in disguise, honestly. However, after the next few months of heavy school work, I will be finishing up a few more singles to be released by 2022, and I just couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to perform again! Whenever that day comes. Self-care is absolutely imperative. I honestly love to put on my favorite playlists and dance around my house. What are your go-tos for when you need a "me day" or just a grounding day?

Savs: Being that Sequoia and Yosemite National Park are a drive away, I do look forward to the days that I get to go and hug some big trees, though it is also not uncommon to find me on a swing-set at the nearest park. All in all, I really love the days that I get to peel away from technology and get outside. Nic: I write music. I’m super lucky to have a job that I thoroughly enjoy and consider a hobby. If I’m not crying behind a piano, I’m more than likely playing video games with my friends, it’s the only way I can be social anymore. I appreciate both of you taking the time to chat about your new song noRoom, what do you have coming up that the readers should be excited about?

Savs: Lots of creating! I am currently in a season of writing, preparing for releases in spring of 2022. Also, it is tentative due to covid, but there is a chance that I will be back on the road for a series of small tours all around the US this fall! Nic: More music! My next single comes out in a matter of weeks, followed by my debut EP. My biggest focus right now is getting people’s ears on what I’ve written over the past 2 years, and making sure they like it.


Nicholas Hamilton - Instagram | Twitter | Spotify SAVS - Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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