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New Release: "Warn Ya" from The Funk Hunters, Defunk and Akylla

The Funk Hunters are back with a popping new single via Westwood Recordings. This is their first release of the year but there's a solid chance it may sound familiar to some. Prior to the finished production it was being dropped in their own sets along with Big Gigantic and Defunk's sets as well. It is absolutely no surprise that people were begging for an ID and that long awaited ID is finally here. The Funk Hunters have absolutely solidified themselves as a strong force within electronic music. I won't lie, the funk side of electronic will forever be one of my favorites. With artists like GRiZ, Big Gigantic and The Funk Hunters it is easy to see why (in my humblest of opinions that is). Prior to 2020 they had just finished touring with GRiZ as direct support for his Ride Waves Season 2 tour (hand-picked I might add!). They are also the first electronic act to receive the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) Road Gold Certification, for selling over 25,000 tickets domestically in 2019. The Funk Hunters continue to make huge strides in music with mixing and mastering with other artists on projects and gracing major festival stages such as Lighting in a Bottle and Coachella.

Warn Ya is a completely Canadian track, which is pretty straight forward but basically The Funk Hunters, Defunk and Akylla all rep Canada. An achievement all of the artists are quite proud of and with good reason, it is an epic single with plenty of groove. I believe Defunk said it best when describing the single:

Warn Ya is an epic, dark and mysterious journey that pulls the listener in with its long vocal builds and its stomping drops. It's a song that fans have always asked about in my sets, and now its time has finally come.

The darkness of the track is lightened with the expected funk the listeners would expect from this trio of artists. With a slow start that lulls the listener into a vortex that quickly builds with its intensity before dropping into this incredible gut filling drop. I have listened to this track at least 10 times while writing this and have yet to get tired of it. Akylla breaks down the song a bit more by adding:

“This song is about a magnetic love that can’t be broken or understood. We all have one of those (;"

Once again, I and many others are left begging to be at a venue being pelted with this dark yet addicting beat. This could very well be a spell and quite frankly, I am content with that. Definitely looking forward to what the coming year has in store for each of these artists because they have started 2021 ridiculously strong. Stream it below and follow their socials!


The Funk Hunters - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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