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Nikademis and BADVOID Unleash "Anarchy"

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

BADVOID and Nikademis are here with an insane new single Anarchy released via Enforce Records. Both of these artists have an incredible amount of support and accolades under their belts. BADVOID, formerly Notorious Chris, is a producer from Australia. He has supported artists like Duke Dumont and What So Not as well as graced the stages for Groovin the Moo and Goodlife Presents along with several other venues and festivals. Boasting over 1 million global streams on his music, definitely a force to be reckoned with. Nikademis is from Long Island, New York and has been producing music since he was 14 years old and his interest with DJing started at 12! Boasting support from some of big shots in the game such as Two Friends, The Chainsmokers, Kap Slap and Dim Mak. With an ever growing discography, he has over a million streams on Spotify and over three hundred thousand on Soundcloud.

This single is nothing short of a cinematic banger. The single begins with a rumbling orchestral vibe and slowly builds with anticipation. Before the listener knows what is happening to them the bass drops and your ears are thrown into full bliss. It is incredibly difficult not to headbang along to the song, so prepare yourself for when you blast this single. The track takes you through what feels a Tron: Legacy scene. With consistent breaks and changes in bpm, it keeps you engaged the entire time. I was lucky enough to get to sit and chat with Nikademis about the release and a few other incredibly important topics, check out the interview below and find the streaming link with socials!

Hi Nick, excited to have you on the blog and chat with you about your latest release. You started producing fairly young and I found some submissions to Spinnin' from around 2015. What has the journey to finding your sound been like and how did you end up where you are now?

Hey Colton! Excited to be here! Thank you so much for the opportunity. WOW that goes wayyy back to when I first started producing hahaha. I was around 15 I believe and submitted a bunch of tracks to the Spinnin’ talent pool and their remix competitions. It was mostly big room and progressive house (probably because that’s what was so popular at the time lol). It has been such an insane journey from then to now. My sound has changed so much, and although I’ve hit a ton of road blocks along the way in sound development, it all has helped me get to where I am to producing midtempo bass and other genres of bass music. I think I’m still finding my sound for sure. It’s a continuous journey, but the journey is the beauty of it.

So, I am curious where the name Nikademis comes from. How did you come up with that name for your alias?

Okay so this is a very strange story actually lol. I was at my family block party, I think sometime either in middle school or early high school. My neighbor who is a bioscientist claimed that he had worked on a top secret project called the “Nicodemus” project to develop a bioweapon animal type thing (this is also the where concept of the demigorgon in “Stranger Things” came from) called the “Nicodemus” that escaped and runs wild now. We still don’t believe his story to day LOL, but I scrambled the spelling and turned it into the alias “Nikademis.”

On 'Anarchy' -- you partnered with BADVOID, an artist from Australia. How did the partnership begin and what would you say you both brought to track?

Yes! Super excited to partner with BADVOID on this one. He actually came across one of my flips on Soundcloud I believe. He got in touch with me and the rest is history! He totally brought this track to another level. I had sent him some of the original ideas but they were very rough, unrefined, and just not quite hitting yet. He’s got so much talent and really made the track into what you heard that got released. Definitely keep an eye out for his upcoming releases because he’s certainly bound to blow up soon and has a killer sound.

The name of the track has a lot of 2020 familiarity, but the sound is very cinematic in how it builds into this heavy hitting bass banger. What was the inspiration behind the name and the sound y'all were going for?

You make a very good point about 2020! Honestly had not thought about that at all hahaha. I try to use a lot of cinematic sounds in my tracks, I’m a real sucker for epic sounds. I think it provides for an interesting juxtaposition between the breaks and drops. The sound most definitely came before the idea for the name. We had finished the track and started tossing some names back and forth, and ultimately settled on Anarchy. We really felt that the track embodies the concept of anarchy and madness, and in the breaks I get a feeling of going to war which we also felt was along the lines of the concept of anarchy.

Speaking of 2020, this year has been a wild ride of emotion. Especially given the global pandemic that basically halted the music and events industry. How have you been spending the ample time and what are you absolutely yearning to get back to?

It most definitely has been a very wild ride. I’ve been spending the time of course working on music, new remixes, new originals, and live sets on Twitch that I’ve been asked to do (which have been an absolute blast), and also have been pretty busy with work actually. I’m a freelance video producer and music producer by day, as I can’t support myself from my music yet, and although work slowed down quite a bit towards the beginning of the pandemic, it picked back up again BIG time over the summer so I was fairly occupied with that. But above all, I have actually been using some of the extra time to work on myself. I had a lot of un-dealt with mental health issues that were lingering that I have really began to address this year.

This year has also been incredibly trying on people's mental health. Unfortunately, we have lost a few artists and people of notoriety this year. How have you been keeping yourself afloat and taking care of your mental health?

As I mentioned earlier, just this year I started to address some serious mental health issues that I had ignored for years, and unfortunately the pandemic didn’t make it much easier. I went through some really difficult physical health issues in high school and had a number of hospitalizations and several surgeries between my sophomore and senior years. My physical health is for the most part fine, but it left my mental health in a very poor place that left me feeling broken. It took me until this year to finally admit that I need to go out and get some professional help. I got to a point where I was so insecure with myself and in such an unhealthy mental state that I ended up hurting and pushing away some people that were very close to me in the past. It’s been a tough pill to swallow trying to go back and address what I did as I have such immense sorrow for what has happened, but I am so glad that I am addressing it and learning how to help myself progress and grow into the best and happiest version I can be. Getting healthy isn’t easy, but I encourage anyone who is struggling to get proper help, as it is worth it, and YOU are worth it. I’ve been in therapy for almost a year now and am on medication that has helped me personally. There seems to be a lot of bad stigma behind getting professional help and taking medication, but we all have to remember everyone is different. Medication affects some individuals differently than others. As a community we need to work on eliminating this stigma and sense of shame around mental health that prevents those who are really in need from getting help. It was time I start to hold myself accountable for my mistakes and lack of attention towards my mental health, and I’m so proud of myself and grateful towards those who pushed me to do it. Anyone who ever wants to discuss the topic with me can reach out to me on any social media. I’m always more than happy to chat and help those in need.

Everyone has started at the beginning and grown from there. What advice have you been given or that you tell yourself that keeps your drive going?

Honestly, there’s really no advice that has done it for me. The only thing that has ever kept me pushing through, even when I was dealing with my health issues in high school and thought maybe I wouldn’t make it was my love for the music. My biggest goal with music is to help others. There’s so much suffering in the world, and I want to grow the brand to a large enough point where I can give back to those who are in need. I hope to do charity shows or start a charity label. But until the brand grows to that size, the messages I receive from people that my music is helping them through their day is the biggest aspect that moves me forward. It’s really all that matters to me.

Again, I appreciate chatting with you, Nick! Do you have anything else that you'd like to leave the readers with before you go?

I appreciate you having me immensely! The last thing I’d like to leave the readers is this - I know this year has been extremely tough. Just know you’re not alone in this battle, whatever it may be. We’re all in this together, and I am always here for any of you who need. Please do not hesitate to reach out, and don’t be hard on yourself! These are extremely difficult times we’re living in, and we’re all only human doing the best we can to make it through this. To those who have been supporting me, it truly means the world. This year has been incredible for the project, and I appreciate my team and all of you that have stuck with me more than you know. Thanks guys🖤


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