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Nikademis Remixes We Are Fury's - "Poison"

Nikademis returns and holds nothing back on his latest release. With an absolutely fiery remix of We Are Fury's track Poison, Nikademis continues to show the pure talent he contains. He has taken a track that seeming already had the bass you could ask for and completely turned it on its head. Nikademis adds his own touch to the tune, revamping it into an absolute hard hitting festival headbanger. With this being the final release of the year, he very literally took the saying "end with a bang" and made this track one of his own. Very excited to see what he does in 2021 and will definitely be on our list to watch.

To listeners everywhere, put this song on a speaker and go wild -- I promise you will not regret it. Stream it below and on all major platforms now.

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