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Rising Star: Erin Kirby Releases Lamenting New Single "Bad Luck"

Today we have the talented, young star Erin Kirby. She is an Atlanta based artist who started at a young age and has a passion that has truly grown her career in such amazing ways. Whether it was gracing the stage of American Idol, singing at an Inauguration of the Atlanta Mayor or even gracing the screens of television. Her newest single, Bad Luck, is coming soon after her last single Half in Love which has amassed over 750k thousand streams on Spotify. There is still much to come from this rising artist and we were lucky enough to chat with her about her new single and more. Check out the interview and make sure to stream Bad Luck at the end.

Hey there Erin! So stoked to have you on Stay Vibrant, I have been listening to your catalog and just wow. How did you get your start in music?

I began my music journey through the pageant world. I competed in talent during my 3rd pageant and I immediately knew that music was for me!

You starred on Season 18 of American Idol, what was it like to be on that stage and in front of those judges?

American Idol was such a fun experience. The judges were super kind to me and really helped me through each round.

Your newest single is Bad Luck w/ JVKE -- where did the inspiration for this song come from and what was it like working with JVKE?

"Bad Luck” is actually featuring JVKE’s brother, Zac Lawson. JVKE helped produce and write the song but Zac is singing on the track. We had a great time writing this song and it came together very smoothly.

2020 was a wild year, what did you have planned that you're eager to get back to once the world opens up?

I wrote a TON of music during 2020 and now I am so ready to release it! Once the world opens back up I am so excited to tour and play shows again.

Take us through a day of self-care. How do you zen out on the bad days?

A self care day for me looks like any regular day. The only thing that is different is I won’t wear makeup to clear my skin, lol! I love working and I love being busy. I am happiest when I have things to do, so work days are kind of my self care days.

If you could choose just one artist to quarantine with, who would it be and why?

I think I would want to quarantine with Jessie J. She is such a talented and fun person. She seems to always have a positive attitude! She is always having fun.

You are incredibly talented, I cannot wait to hear what else you have to release. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for the readers?

Thank you so much!!! I always say to keep working towards what you want no matter what may be in your way. God has a plan for you and you need to trust in Him.

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