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Super Duper Releases Rhythmic "Vessels" EP

Photo Credit: DK Projects, Press Release Photos

Super Duper is an artist hailing from Nashville, TN -- a city known for its country superstars and now an artist who captivates through his electronic music.

When I listen to music my mind immediately jumps to imagery as if filming its own music video. The EP is absolutely enchanting. While listening it becomes the soundtrack of the coming summer, peaking the excitement of what's to come. Images of being with friends at a music festival, on car trips or sitting watching the sunset continue to fill my head.

Beginning with Horizons, the song is wonderfully upbeat and jazzy. The song feels as if I am sitting with friends outdoors while the sun beats down on us, very nice transition from the cold into warm weather. The incorporation of a horn, I can only assume is a saxophone of sorts, gives it the upbeat, jazzy feel.  Canons is going to be the soundtrack of summer nights, I can feel it now. It's whole mood and feel are that of riding in a car, windows down and this song blasting. The slow down and pick up of the beat, caresses the ear into pure bliss. Vessels to You the choppy start definitely grabs the listeners attention -- this song takes a slower approach beat wise to the first two songs of the EP. Open Eyes is my favorite off the EP so far, my mind immediately jumps to imagery when listening to music. This is the type of song I can hear playing at a festival, at the stage with the grassy area to sit with fireworks in the distance. Open Eyes is upbeat, happy and is difficult not to dance to. WOAH. The second half/ending of the song was wildly unexpected, an encore almost -- definitely snapped me back out of a daze. All Night is the perfect ending to the entire EP. It seamlessly wraps the entire production together and is the epitome of what an ending to a summers night is. The sounds cascade over your ears in this mystic way, almost like standing in a light summers rain. As the warmer weather begins its much anticipated descent, I am ecstatic to see what artists start remixing and dropping these songs in their sets. Festival season is right around the corner and with the imagery and vibes of this EP, artists everywhere will be incorporating it in their sets. Definitely excited to see what else is in store for Super Duper. His ability to create a movie-esque work with sound is definitely going to skyrocket him in the coming year. Stay tuned this fall as he and Petit Biscuit make their way to a few cities in the Northwest and Canada.

Spread Love, Spread Light and Stay Vibrant.

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